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Using These Simple Tips for Covered Calls and Cash-Secured Puts, You Can Grow Your Retirement Account Faster and with Less Risk, and Secure Your Financial Future

"As a professional trader, I've acquired DECADES of TIPS, TRICKS and TECHNIQUES. And today, I'm going to share them with you." – Dan Passarelli, Former CBOE Market Maker

What if you could erase the losses of your 10 biggest losing trades ever ... as if they never happened? How much more money would you have right now?

If you're like most traders, some of those losses probably happened because of some silly mistakes that could have been avoided if someone had given you one simple bit of advice.

It could be as easy as: "Do THIS; don’t do THAT."

It's true. Sometimes learning a couple of simple tricks can make a huge difference to your bottom line. If one little tweak in your trading could make you just an extra, say, 20% on each of your trades, imagine the long-term effect on your trading account!

In this video workshop, we'll expose all the tips and tricks the smart money uses to beat the market and leave other traders in the dust.

These are the exact techniques I used on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange and still use to this day in my personal retirement account...

...and now you can discover these EXCITING TRADING SECRETS for yourself!

This video workshop is called "Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Using Covered Calls in Your Retirement Account." And that is exactly what you'll get. It's a whole workshop chock full of surprisingly easy-to-understand tricks that the pros use every day...

...and don't want you to know about!

This class is "Ah-Ha-Moment" City!

You'll trade with the confidence of a professional trader and you’ll see the results add quickly to your bottom line.

In this video "Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Using Covered Calls in Your Retirement Account" you’ll discover these "best-kept" secrets of professional traders...

  • How to easily identify the "Cash Floor" on a balance sheet, for setting up cash-secured puts
  • When to take assignment, when to roll, or when to close covered calls or cash-secured puts options
  • When to use the "Recycle Trade" to crank out consistent, fat profits
  • Tricks of the pros to setting the optimal strike
  • How to EXACTLY measure your probability of assignment
  • How to identify "mispriced" options leading to disproportionate profits
  • How to choose the best time horizon for each trade
  • How to avoid the "Kiss of Death" stocks for covered calls or cash-secured puts
  • How to plan out your "Buy-Back" strategy in case of covered call assignment
  • How to screen for liquidity on covered call candidates
  • Learn the Covered Call rule on biotechs and leveraged ETFs
  • How pros integrate covered calls on certain losing stock positions to recoup losses
  • When to roll each expiration and when to "time the market"
  • When you are most likely to get assigned early and how to manage assignment risk
  • How trading in a retirement account differs from a standard account and the 3 considerations in choosing which account to trade in
  • And much, MUCH more!

Each of these Tips, Tricks and Techniques has been literally decades in the making. 

Today, we're giving you our hour-and-a-half "Tips, Tricks and Techniques to Using Covered Calls in Your Retirement Account" training video for only...


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