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You wouldn't believe how many traders come to me frustrated by their lack of success.

And the first thing I ask them is this..."how do you go about selecting your trades?"

I hear things like "my friend gives me all his hot plays" or "I wait ‘til earnings are about to come out and then jump in to capitalize on the move" or "I look at a couple of charts and then pull the trigger."

Let me be frank...if those are your methods for analyzing your trades, you won't be successful. It's as simple as that.

But, I'll also tell you doesn’t take hours of research and analysis to place a good trade - you know, the kind that STACKS THE ODDS HEAVILY IN YOUR FAVOR...the kind that can DELIVER GAINS up to 80% of the time (or more).

In fact, it can be done in mere minutes. You see, it's not how long you spend analyzing your trades; it's how smart you are in analyzing your trades.

And the simple tactics revealed in this video are tried and true. Successful income traders have been using these tools for years to analyze trades that MAKE MONEY TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

It's how they confidently "predict the future" just like the professional traders.

Traders who win consistently let statistics and analysis, not guessing or a friend's recommendation, make them money. And this 4-step method to analyzing your potential trades is now revealed.

In this video we'll show you a simple step-by-step process (that can be done in less than 10 minutes) that will reveal the studs and expose the duds. You'll confidently know which trades to place and which ideas to throw in the dumpster.

These are the exact strategies I used on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange...

...and now you can discover these EXCITING TRADING SECRETS for yourself!

This video is called "Secrets to Analyzing Income Trades". And that is exactly what it shows you how to do. This easy-to-learn system will show you exactly how to find great, high-probability trades. You'll never be left wondering or hoping your trades will work out again.

You'll trade with the confidence of a professional trader and you'll see the results add quickly to your bottom line.

Are you ready to take this next step in your trading?

In this video, "Secrets to Analyzing Income Trades," you'll discover these "best-kept" secrets of the most successful traders...

  • How to use technical analysis to identify THE BEST INCOME TRADES
  • How to find - and avoid - the volatility events that can harm income trades
  • How to easily identify GREAT INCOME TRADES and not spend hours in frustration
  • How to identify the best strikes and expirations to MAXIMIZE PROFITS while minimizing losses
  • The one final "SANITY CHECK" you must do before entering any income trade
  • Why many technical analysis indicators are pointless to the income trader
  • How to use support and resistance to predict future stock movement and IMPROVE YOUR SUCCESS RATE
  • How to boost your win rate by selecting THE BEST STRATEGY for the anticipated stock move
  • The alternative to selling naked puts...the same profit potential with all-important insurance
  • The simple steps to accurately predicting the future volatility of a stock...and why that is of HUGE IMPORTANCE to the income trader
  • The 2 types of volatility and how to use each to place HIGHER WIN-RATE TRADES
  • How to capitalize on the market noise produced by investment newsletter publisher recommendations
  • The SECRET WEAPON that will have the biggest impact on your trading success
  • How to quickly and easily use volatility charts to select high-probability income trades
  • The 2 volatility criteria that must be met before placing any income trade
  • How to use WEEKLY OPTIONS for quick income profits time and time again
  • ... And much, MUCH more!

This time-tested method for analyzing your trades is simple and highly effective...

...And it's your key to FINALLY having the trading results and confidence you deserve.

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