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Your Daily Edge During This Historic Time: 

Find the Confidence and Control You Need to Come Out of This Market Strong

How Top Traders Increase Their Income, Trade With Confidence and Stay in Control During This Historically Volatile Time

The MTM Daily Edge Class Gives Them the Edge They Need

As a trader, you rely on critical knowledge, insights, and confidence to manage risk and make the right decisions.

This is critical, especially in volatile markets like the one we’re in today. Otherwise you might fall prey to anxiety, speedy decision making, the “word on the street,” or other influences that might not have your best interests at heart. The other problem is, while you may be able to identify trustworthy news, you also need to know how to interpret it. 

For example, you need to know not just what will happen in the equity market when the numbers are released, but also:

Without that knowledge and insight, it’s too easy to make mistakes. That’s why even experienced traders pay top dollar for the best resources available. Think of the Bloomberg terminal, for example. A subscription will set you back $25,000+ for the year and, yes, it is used to access, compile and analyze financial information by top corporations on Wall Street. But for the average trader who wants to increase their income?

It’s not enough. You Need an Edge.

You need both up-to-date information AND the knowledge of how to interpret it and what to do with it. Unless you have 20+ years of experience trading, that kind of guidance is extremely difficult to come by.

That’s why, right now, you have an incredible opportunity to get an edge just like some of today’s top traders – normal people who’ve found the confidence and control they need to withstand volatile times like these and come out strong. 

They have access to both up-to-date information AND the guidance to properly interpret it. You get both when you join the MTM Daily Edge Class.

What the MTM Daily Edge Class Gives You

This is a daily class led by John Seguin, an experienced veteran trader, where you will receive the news about the major events each day AND get John’s insight and interpretation for those events, what they mean and what you can do with them. Together we’ll:

  • Recap the day’s events, the impact on sectors and positions
  • Screen markets for trade setups
  • Discuss our daily pick of major stocks
  • Discuss sector ETFs
  • Define entry and risk
  • Discuss time frames and trade triggers
  • Review best option strategies for potential vertical moves
  • We even teach technicals, applying the current price action to real lessons on various technical indicators and tools
  • Answer questions in real time
  • And much more!

Every single day. This is how MTM’s top traders find and keep their edge, no matter how the stock market behaves. This is how people like you are able to trade with confidence and control in ANY market.

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During this volatile time, a lot of traders are searching for critical information. The MTM Daily Edge class is your secret weapon because everyday you’ll:

  • Know exactly what’s going on
  • What it means for you
  • And how to act on it
  • Find a source of confidence, even in crazy markets

You’ll get up-to-date information, as well as insight, interpretation and analysis from an experienced trader willing to guide you through changes in the market at just a fraction of the cost of what corporations pay on Wall Street for information.  Click below now to claim access to the MTM Daily Edge class and join the ranks of our top traders.