The 2 Mother Strategies of Income Trading

Tips, Tricks and Techniques Video Tutorials

Congratulations! As you know, “the more you learn, the more you earn.” You took a big step in driving your success to new heights. GREAT JOB!

Get my top Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Credit Spreads and Time Spreads with these videos below…

Video 1 Credit Spreads: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

“Great trading fortunes are built on solid methodologies.” – Dan Passarelli

Video 2 Time Spreads: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

“Great trading fortunes are built on solid methodologies.” – Dan Passarelli

You’re Almost There!

After watching The 2 Mother Strategies of Income Trading: Tips, Tricks and Techniques Video Tutorials, you’re miles ahead of most traders. Now all you have to do is “Fill in the Gaps” of knowledge you have so you can trade these strategies and the more complex versions of them confidently and consistently.

If you’ve come this far, it’s time to complete your training with The MTM Online Education Series. LEARN MORE.

The MTM Online Education Series

“When you stop learning, you’ve lost.” – Dan Passarelli

If you’re like most people, after watching a video tutorial, you probably have some questions on how it all works, right?

And maybe you feel that if you had more information you could really make this work, agree?

Things like:

  • How to maximize profits by selecting optimal strikes
  • How to construct winning spreads using IV skew
  • The “1-2-3 Volatility Analysis” to make volatility screening simple
  • How the option Greeks are used to both plan and manage trades to take your results to the next level (course led by the author of top options trading book, “Trading Option Greeks”)
  • How to Beat the “Market Maker” at His Own Game
  • How to use The MTM Trading Path to ensure consistency in your methodology
  • How to “adjust positions” to potentially erase losing trades

The Answer to Trading Consistently

Every month you’ll become a better trader by participating in a 4-part training Series, presented live and recorded for your convenience. Each 4-part Online Education Series dives deep into a key topic to help you take control of your trading and finally be comfortable in your own skin as a trader.

I’m going to literally “fill in the gaps." Each week we’ll go over the important stuff – the stuff we don’t have time for in "basic-level” classes. The stuff that makes or breaks a trader. You’ll avoid the time consuming and money wasting frustration of lessons learned in the school of hard knocks. And you’ll finally be able to trade with confidence and consistency.

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Here’s What Other Members Are Saying:

Your program is excellent! Exactly what I hoped it would be.

Steve, AZ

I used to like naked puts before I started with MTM. I had two trades on that had I not attended your classes, I would have lost over $20,000 in total on Monday alone. Instead I lost $600. I told my wife that this day was worth the entire investment.

Jerry, Katy, TX

I would just like to say taking the Market Taker's online courses are the best thing I've ever done in pursuit of being a professional options trader. Dan is a superior options master as well as an excellent teacher.

William, Monroe Township, NJ

I have been following your series on time spreads and it is making a world of difference in my understanding of the successful option trade process.

Michael, Pittsburgh, PA

I have traded thousands of options contracts in the last 5 years and read nearly all the good options books out there, yet I am picking up great insights and nuances from your videos that are expanding my mind set. Well done.

Christopher, Hong Kong

...I do feel that the adjustments are the difference maker, between winning and losing and very little educational material exists on how to approach it. Some of the key points that stick in my mind are the short options being the risk and the reward, even though it might be obvious, I never thought of it in that way...Your approach even though somewhat technical was easily understandable and very relevant to what I am doing. The series on trade adjustments filled a large knowledge gap that few other courses address...

Wayne, Pascoag, RI

I have learned from all your [classes]. At the beginning, I thought [about] only taking one month, but every month you keep offering better and better classes to take and I have become addicted...

, Francisco

...This time with you [has] been very educational for me. The webinars were very insightful and exactly to the point.

Todor, London, UK

I have found the online instruction to be accurate and relevant. The Execution series provides value with practical tips and a view into the Market Makers mindset. The Trading Path series rounds out all of the pieces providing a first-rate 10,000 foot macro view. The quality of presentation is excellent and helps keep my focus and helps further illustrate concepts. I enjoyed the pace of the presentation and patience employed while recapping basic yet critical concepts. The material is presented in a caring and logical manner, which is really important for me. I feel like every minute spent was worthwhile and will yield a positive future return.

Chuck, Frisco, TX