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Why do some traders easily generate consistent income month after month, while many just make a little here and there, then give it all back with one big loser?

It's not luck. It's skill. A skill YOU can have...

This skill comes from knowing how to find high-probability trades, set them up to stack the odds in your favor, and adjust trades if they go wrong to potentially turn a loser into a winner. It's a simple plan, but...

Mastering income generating options strategies isn't something traders just figure out on their own through guessing, trial and error, or watching a couple of YouTube videos. That can end up being an expensive lesson - TRUST ME. To be successful, you need a guide to show you exactly what to do to make money.

Expert option trader Dan Passarelli didn't just "figure it out” on his own, tinkering around ...guessing what to do. Dan was taught to trade by some of the best traders in the world, on the floor of the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Then HE went on to trade on the CBOE too and had a hugely successful trading career trading in the pits, trading tens of thousands of income trades in his long career.

Now Dan wants to share the knowledge he gained on the trading floor with YOU in the Income Master Sessions video series.

Here Are the Six Modules Included in Your Complete Income Master Sessions:

1. Finding Great Income Trades
2. Secrets to Analyzing Income Trades
3. Legging and Execution Techniques
4. Complex Income Trades
5. Adjusting Income Trades
6. Adjusting Income Trades II

In the Income Trading Masters Sessions, you’ll discover exactly how successful traders generate consistent income with options.

You'll now know with confidence what they look for and why. You'll learn how to find income trades, how to set them up to put the odds in your favor, how to leg into them and how to manage and adjust trades. Most importantly, you'll learn what kind of pitfalls to avoid to prevent the unnecessary losses that novice traders can suffer.

Once you see these simple techniques, you’ll be able to make changes in your trading system that could have a huge positive impact on your portfolio.

There is simply NO EXCUSE not to start trading better.

Enroll in this series now and you'll have instant access to these six, one-hour video classes for three full months. This is the complete, step-by-step guide to generating income with options.

Once you discover the “trading-floor secrets” Dan will show you, you will be able to trade options for income yourself and make the changes in your lifestyle made possible from these little-known methods.

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Here’s what you get with the Income Master Sessions package:

  • Video 1: Finding Great Income Trades (Full video)

Retail Value: $100

Being a great trader starts with finding great trades.

Many traders say finding good, solid trades is the hardest part of trading. But in fact, it can be the easiest part of all! …IF someone shows you what to look for.

What you’ll discover in the full 1-hour Finding Great Income Trades is a complete, step-by-step methodology for finding trades with a high probability of success.

This key video lays the foundation for success in income trading. You’ll discover the 3 simple principles all successful traders follow, easy-to-follow rules of thumb, as well as how to easily construct the building-block strategies that will make high-probability trading a reality for you.

  • Video 2: Secrets to Analyzing Income Trades

Retail Value: $100

The reason professional traders win is because they trade with an “EDGE” on all their trades.

But one of the BIG SECRETS in trading is that ANY trader can use those same techniques of the pros in their analysis to get that same “statistical advantage”.

This video reveals those closely guarded secrets professional traders use EVERY day, and you’ll see just how easy it is to use them in YOUR trading.

  • Video 3: Legging and Execution Techniques

Retail Value: $100

What if you could make an extra, say, $50 on every single trade you make? How much does that add up over the year?

While the last video shows you how to join professionals and use their techniques, this one shows you how to beat professionals at their own game!

You’ll get an inside look at the “behind the scenes” of how your orders are filled, so you can get better execution prices, raking in MORE on every trade. These simple legging and execution techniques make your winners bigger, your losers smaller, and you’ll see your trading account skyrocket as a result!

  • Video 4: Complex Income Trades

Retail Value: $100

Don’t let the name fool you. The real purpose of this module is to demystify the most powerful option strategies, so you can capitalize on market set ups you never thought you could.

The strategies exposed in this video add leverage while decreasing risk, and further improve odds of success. These are some of the best option strategies, yet the least used—because most traders don’t know about them!

After completing this video, you’ll have mastered strategies for bull, bear, neutral and volatile markets. You’ll have complete confidence in any market condition.

  • Video 5: Adjusting Income Trades

Retail Value: $100

Now that you’ll have mastered how to easily set up high-probability trades, the REAL POWER comes in knowing how and when to take profits.

… and how to virtually ERASE your losing trades!

Dan Passarelli spent his career managing thousands and thousands of option trades on the trading floor until he perfected this system to powerfully “optimize” each trade.

This video is a detailed guide to Dan’s proprietary “adjusting” techniques that can “repair” losing trades and turn them into winners.

  • Video 6: Adjusting Income Trades II

Retail Value: $100

Trading can be extremely profitable when winning trades are plentiful and losing trades are adjusted away into a profit.

This video gives you more adjustment tactics for more market scenarios. You’ll have a well-stocked arsenal to combat any thing the market throws at you.

By the end of Video 6, you’ll be trading with the confidence of someone who has been trading successfully for years, decades even.

When we unveil these final adjustments it completes the trade cycle to help you bank profits over and over and over again. Wash. Rinse. Repeat!

Bonus (Limited Time ONLY)

  • The MTM Email Hotline

Retail Value: $1000

The Income Master Sessions 6-part video course lays out step by step, your roadmap to success. But after that, we’ll be with you EVERY STEP OF THE WAY when you complete the course and implement this time-tested system.

As a bonus, you’ll get the “MTM Email Hotline” so you can email our experts about any trades you make, questions you have, adjustments you can use if something goes wrong and anything else we can help you with. You’ll have access to our experts via email at the MTM Email Hotline for 3 months.

In this video training, Dan reveals all the strategies and techniques he used in his long, successful career as a professional trader. These techniques are only known by a handful of traders throughout the world.

You’ll be excited as you go through this video course, as you see just how easy it is to trade this system. And you’ll be REALLY excited as you put these strategies to use, with confidence and the ULTIMATE satisfaction in your trading.

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