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Dan Passarelli here. With more than two decades on the Chicago Board Options Exchange floor, and after training thousands of traders via my books and courses on option trading, I'm going to share with you a proprietary technique for trading earnings announcements that I personally use to get 83.3% wins, even when the market is down!

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There's Jill D., who used my earnings trading system and wrote to me about her MSFT trade - "Bought @ 2.65, Sold 3.75 for 41.5% profit."

There's Steven J., "MFST, got out at 3.95, 32% profit. Love this!"

And Vikrant P., who used the same system and saw a 49.78% profit...

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If you want to finally have control over your financial freedom no matter what's happening in the market, this is the first step! You'll have everything you need and be fully supported throughout this program to take advantage of this complete Earnings Trading training package.

The Total Earnings Domination System is more than just being prepared to trade Earnings announcements. It's a proven structure that helps you analyze and execute with the same techniques professional traders have used for decades to ensure their success.

This winning trading package gives you:

  • The know-how and the confidence to trade more consistently using a strategy that works in all market conditions
  • A Blueprint for earnings trading and an opportunity to watch Live setups of real earnings trades so you can easily follow along (Stop the guesswork completely!)
  • A proven way to make the next few weeks your top performing weeks yet
  • PLUS --- it helps you hedge or MAKE BACK losses on trades you already made.

What to Expect

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The Secrets to Trading Earnings Bootcamp      $2,995
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As you train, I know you'll have questions, so I'm giving you access to Online REAL Trading Sessions with me (Dan Passarelli, CEO of Market Taker Mentoring), and I'll SHOW you EXACTLY what to do and how to set up and close your trades!

MASTER CLASS: Earnings Trading Techniques      $1,997
Take your mastery to another level and get ahead of the markets with this 4-Part On-Demand
Training Series - you'll get even more understanding as I dive deep into the nuances I've learned from two decades on the Chicago Board Options Exchange trading floor!

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The Best Part? The Course Can Easily Pay for Itself

Closed the last 5 @ 1.41 total gain $425 less comm. Class has paid for itself. Thanks Dan!

- David Z., South Lake Tahoe, CA

With MSFT & YNDX more than covered the cost of Earnings Course/Live Trading. The way I looked at it: 10 live Earnings week trading at $40+ per class. Everything else is a bonus.

- John D., Augusta, GA

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your teaching over the years. are making a real difference in people's lives. ...I've made 10 times what you charge with the information you have provided.

You're not a magician and you don't claim to be. I had to work hard and study and apply the lessons but they work if you work them. This week alone I earned a 30% return on Starbucks, 50% on Microsoft, 25% on Tesla, 25% on Qualcomm and 25% on Facebook. I had 3 other trades that didn't work. I learned from them and was still able to break even on them. I know it kills you to see other traders earning 10 times what you're getting on the knowledge trade...LOL! Anyway, in these difficult times, know that you have really taken your knowledge and blessed your fellow man with it.

- Christopher C., Charlotte, NC

Got my target on AAPL and small profit on V. Thanks Dan, trades are working out great.

- Ray Y., Hawthorne, CA

I have learned a lot (but not enough, yet) about the opportunities or protections that options provide. ...I am expecting that what I continue to learn from MTM will lead to a significant positive impact on my trading accounts. Thank you for your support of my continuing education.

- Dave S., Bellville, TX

Really enjoyed the Total Earnings Domination Course! I am above 80% win rate. Most of the others were maybe 5% loss. Only 1 total loss out of 16 trades. Like you said middling is really important and waiting for the Bid/Ask to normalize... Just waiting that hour made a few of the trades winners instead of losers.

- Russel K., Glendale, CA

I have put on 11 trades since 5/13 using the techniques taught, including one straddle (A on 5/21), got 8 profitable trades, 2 losing trades & one breakeven. Position sizing/risking about 2% of account (a 26K IRA - so about $520 ish/trade). Have already made the course fee back. Thanks again for teaching this excellent method to us!

- Greg N., Lombard, IL

I wanted to tell you that the Total Earnings Domination [TED] class was very effective for me. Your approach to using vega and IV analysis to select strikes ... is a formula that is repeatable for me. I even took a nano (~$200) ToS account and turned it into a micro account (>$1000) during May primarily trading with the TED techniques! (I traded another account that is a little larger, too.)

I've spent a lot of money on options trading classes. ...I think I can use your system more consistently and more profitably than the other approaches I've learned.

- Dan D., Wilsonville, OR

This Is What Winning Looks Like

If you're looking for a proven system to manage your money and set yourself up for success to not only see more wins, but to follow a system that...

  • Makes your trading less stressful,
  • Gives you more confidence in your trades,
  • Helps you minimize mistakes and losses,
  • And even helps you potentially maximize wins and increase your income...

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