Checklists, Strategy Guides and Blueprints

The MTM Trading Plan Checklist

Trade with more confidence, using a proven framework by simply following along.

This simple 1-page checklist is a reliable guide for any option trader, with any style of trading, in any market. In fact, this is the same process MTM Senior Options Instructor John Kmiecik uses in Group Coaching to give students the top trade ideas every day.

Download this PDF and trade with more discipline, confidence and consistency.

The MTM Trade Journal

The one thing you can do right now to trade with more discipline, constantly improve your system and learn from every trade is to journal them.

It's proven that when you write down a plan, you're psychologically more likely to stick to it. That helps you craft a better plan and be more in control of your trades. And having a record of every trade is a great learning tool to look back and further improve your system.

Journaling is one of the key practices we encourage and is one way MTM 1-on-1 Coaching students are able to transform their trading in just 6 months.

Download copies of this PDF and start journaling your trades today.

6 Ways to Make Money in Any Market Checklist

Whether you're just getting started, using options as a long-term investor, generating income, trading direction or volatility, or even if you're a very active option trader, these are the 6 strategies you'll want to have mastered to successfully navigate ANY market. Download this PDF

Credit Spreads vs Debit Spreads: Understanding Synthetic Relationships

You want to make the best trades you can. But how do you know your "Go To Strategies" are maximizing your profit opportunity? Could you get better results?

Credit spreads and debit spreads are two of the most commonly used trades. Some traders prefer one over the other. But did you know that these two seemingly opposite trades are actually very similar?

This strategy guide is a selection from the MTM Trade Smart Workshop Online Education Series. Download this PDF to move forward with an understanding of synthetics and the implications for your trading.

Using Momentum Like a Floor Trader to Increase Profits

Believe it or not, you can trade with the same information floor traders used for years to make sure they stayed on the right side of the market.

In "Using Momentum Like a Floor Trader to Increase Profits," Senior Technical Analyst John Seguin shares the same charting, tools and indicators he uses in the MTM Daily Edge to give you the edge in today’s markets. ... and you won’t believe how simple it is to implement. Download this PDF

Put-Call Parity and Synthetics: Excerpt from Chapter 6 of Trading Option Greeks

As MTM Founder and President Dan Passarelli always says, "The more you learn, the more you earn." Traders who push forward and seek more knowledge and guidance are the ones who make dreams a reality.

This is an excerpt from chapter 6 of Dan's book "Trading Option Greeks." In it, Dan shares deep knowledge on put-call parity and synthetics to help you realize your full potential as you push forward in your trading education journey.

Download the book excerpt

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