Take the Stress Out Of Trading in Volatile Markets

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5 Strategies For Volatile Markets today!

Most traders struggle with options because they don’t have the right strategies during volatile market conditions. With this checklist, you’ll know exactly which strategy to use in which conditions.

Short Term vs. Long Term

Knowing when to use short term strategies and when to use long term strategies saves you a LOT of worry.

When To Enter And When To Exit

Ever questioned your self when making these decisions? Let our 5 Strategies give you more confidence.

Maximize Profits

How many times have you cut your profits short because you got out too early? Download our 5 Strategies checklist to maximize profits.

Whether you’re brand new to options trading or your a veteran, having a strategic plan behind every move your make is the difference between winning and losing.

If you’ve ever been unsure about a trade, or you’ve struggled to maintain consistency, these 5 Strategies will help you go into every trade with a plan and with confidence. And, ultimately, you’ll drive more profits.

Developed by Dan Passarelli, a world-renowned options trading expert, these 5 Strategies are the foundation for thousands of successful options traders.

Whether you’re brand new to options trading or your a veteran, having a strategic plan

Why Listen to Dan Passarelli and Market Taker?

Dan Passarelli

Dan Passarelli is an author, trader and former member of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and CME Group. Dan has written two books on options trading — “Trading Option Greeks” and “The Market Taker’s Edge.” He is also the founder and CEO of Market Taker Mentoring, Inc., a leading options education firm that provides online options education, options newsletters and personalized, one-on-one coaching for option traders. Dan also contributes to financial media such as TheStreet.com, FOX Business News, Bloomberg Television, BNN, Public Radio (NPR), and the CBOE blog. And he has a weekly featured video on CBOETV.

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The recent training has been very helpful, especially with the market’s recent correction… This is the most useful trading site/group I have found.

I’m so thankful for you and John. Since I’ve signed on with MTM, it’s been a dramatically positive sea change in my trading.

I’ve been putting some of what we’ve talked about in our last one on one class to work and it’s literally paid off handsomely.

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